Corporate Philosophy


Our Mission is to strive towards Better Health and a Brighter Future for people worldwide through leading innovation in medicine.


Vision 2025

We serve the needs of our patients, wherever they are. We earn the trust of society and customers through Takeda-ism. We are recognised as best in class because of agility and innovation, qualities that help us build a steady pipeline and deliver growth, year on year.


Takeda-ism and Values


Takeda-ism is the unchanging set of core values that guides all our activities.  Members of the Takeda Group, pledge to act with integrity at all times, especially when facing difficulties or challenges.  "Integrity" refers to our compliance with the highest ethical standards, our fairness and honesty in conducting every activity, and our perseverance in pursuing the ideal forms for our operations and management.  Through the demonstration of these qualities, we show our commitment to building trust and confidence in all people around us, and our determination to continue to expand the business.  These empower our progress in our global endeavors to fulfill our mission to "strive towards better health for people worldwide through leading innovation in medicine".

As the bedrock of a culture that underpins the organisation worldwide, these guiding principles inform all the activities of Takeda globally and in the UK.


Better Health, Brighter Future

For more than 235 years, we have been serving society with innovative medicines and helping patients reclaim valuable moments of life from illness.  Now, with new healthcare solutions from prevention to care and cure, we are determined to help even more people enjoy their lives to the fullest.

We continue to transform the future of healthcare by unifying our strengths as "Global One Takeda". We are a diverse organisation committed to working with local communities to fully understand their needs and deliver industry-leading solutions with a sense of urgency, dedication and unparalleled efficiency.


Date of Preparation: July 2016




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